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Some people dream of success. We make it happen.


Your organization does not have the depth of expertise or resources to execute the plans we recommend. Alexson Solutions will be the Project lead and fully immerse the required resources and selected associates and partners to execute and deliver on the full plan. 



You have all the necessary talent and resources in house. What you need is Alexson Solutions' expertise and insights to tackle a particular business issue, offer a solution and then enable your team to execute the plan. We continue to be available as the project manager from a strategic and advisory level.

Initial Discovery Session


Until we are able to understand exactly the challenge you are facing and meet with some of the key stakeholders we cannot in all good conscience suggest the scale of the project or next steps.


The Discovery session allows us to do that. We will have a telephone conversation first to gather information and scope and then can make an appointment for the Discovery session and advise of its likely length and depth.


Following the Discovery session we will present you with a full proposal outline with our recommendations and costing.

You completely restructured a business with non cooperative owners.”

Custom Contract


On occasion there are a number of simultaneous projects or plans that need to be followed and Alexson Solutions’ full attention and expertise is needed. This type of contract is custom in content and depth.

Post Project Retainer


Once a project has been successfully completed and a plan implemented it does not mean the end. There will be questions, updates perhaps even changes needed. Alexson Solutions works on a retained basis, consulting regularly to maintain the momentum post-project and continuing to offer their energy, expertise and insights. Retainers are minimum 3 months, renewable quarterly.



Occasionally you need someone to either have general business direction conversations or assistance with a specific issue. It is often difficult to find someone who is unbiased and yet has your best interest at all times.  Alexson Solutions has advised a number of business owners in exactly these situations and in an ongoing capacity with great success.

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